Critical Analysis of the Media

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The course offers students the opportunity to understand the psychological effects of information provided through the media.  Emphasis will be placed on questioning and evaluating information received as to its effects on target and non-target audiences.


CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if COM4447 has been successfully completed.



  • Differentiating between various types of media communication.
  • Probing sources of news media communication.
  • Critiquing decision-making processes in the media.
  • Demonstrating the use of symbolism in media communication.
  • Analyzing the psychology of group motivation in media communication.
  • Describing the effects of various types of media messages on children.
  • Examining the effects of the news media on the family.
  • Examining the effects of the entertainment media on the family.
  • Analyzing cognitive responses to media communication.
  • Analyzing emotional responses to media communication.
  • Critiquing the use of subliminal messages in media communication.
  • Examining the effect of ratings on entertainment and news media decisions.
  • Recognizing and describing ethical dilemmas in media broadcast decisions.
  • Categorizing the media’s obligations to the public.
  • Contrasting persuasive versus informative media messages.
  • Understanding how social media affects our lives.
  • Examining the changes the Internet has had on traditional media.


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