Communicating for Results in Organizations

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The course empowers students to explore communication within organizations.  The course helps the student investigate relationships, organizational cultures, work groups, online environments, training, and problems in organizations.  Students learn how to analyze communication, diagnose problems, and suggest solutions.



  • Identifying interpersonal communication problems within an organization.
  • Discussing methods of improving relationships within organizations and the ability to support the organization.
  • Exploring how technology affects communication within organizations.
  • Analyzing the culture of a specific corporation.
  • Evaluating how the nonverbal environment and behavior affect interaction within an organization.
  • Demonstrating how “corporate stories” about the history of an organization affect the communication climate.
  • Discussing how the communication styles of corporate heroes and villains give insights into the corporate culture.
  • Diagnosing how the corporate culture affects the public communication of an organization.
  • Describing team communication within organizations.
  • Differentiating between effective and ineffective communication strategies within organizational teams.
  • Analyzing how conflict affects the productivity of organizational teams.
  • Determining the needed skills and qualifications for a communication consultant.
  • Deciding whether to use an in-house consultant or an external consultant to solve communication problems.
  • Describing the different types of training and evaluating their outcome.
  • Ascertaining the major communication problems that confront organizations today.
  • Researching current issues that affect communication within organizations.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of corporate communication.
  • Suggesting methods of improving corporate communication.
  • Evaluating best practices in contemporary scholarly publications in connection with course concepts.

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