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The course investigates the changes that occur with age and the processes underlying human growth and development throughout the life cycle.   The developmental progression of the family life cycle is also explored, including physical, psychological, and social characteristics.  Emphasis is placed on areas such as sensory and perceptual ability, cognitive and language development, behavioral genetics, and effects of socialization agents. Developmental and learning theories will be emphasized.



  • Defining developmental psychology.
  • Detailing stages of the human life cycle.
  • Understanding the contribution of genetics to life span development.
  • Examining the developmental stages of the family life cycle and the family structure, including their influence on the allocation of family resources.
  • Discussing prenatal development.
  • Describing theories of personality development in infancy.
  • Assessing motor skill development in early childhood.
  • Evaluating perceptual development in early childhood.
  • Analyzing theories of personality development in early and middle childhood.
  • Discussing the development of primary and secondary sex characteristics.
  • Discussing adolescent egocentrism.
  • Expanding the concept of adult maturity.
  • Discussing the development of adult sexual relationships.
  • Investigating theories of mid-life personality development.
  • Synthesizing changes in health, sensory abilities, and mental capabilities in late adulthood.
  • Evaluating psychological stages in the dying process.
  • Understanding the effect of school developmental and counseling guidance programs upon societal problems.

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