Group Counseling and Therapy

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The course examines the theory, practice, and functioning of group processes.  Different types of small groups are studied, including self-help groups.  Leadership, meta-communications, methods, dynamics, and facilitative skills are presented.  Small group participation is included.





  • Defining the origins of group guidance, group counseling, and psychotherapy, including the leaders and time frames.
  • Applying specific theories of practice to group counseling and psychotherapy.
  • Applying group dynamics and processes.
  • Evaluating ethical and professional guidelines for professional group leaders.
  • Interpreting the progression of group stages and the relationships among the stages.
  • Selecting appropriate interventions for members who present common patterns such as fear, anger, and/or violence.
  • Selecting therapeutic responses when working with cultural diversity among group members.
  • Managing assessments of group members for use in selection of members for planning specific strategies and techniques.
  • Applying appropriate clinical interventions with selected clinical, educational, business, and/or community populations.
  • Demonstrating leadership skills in both group maintenance and group facilitation.
  • Modeling effective group techniques for use in schools, community, or organizational settings.
  • Illustrating proper administrative procedures for group counselors or therapists including effective documentation.
  • Discerning when group counseling is appropriate or is preferred as a treatment modality.
  • Providing and synthesizing the exchange of feedback between self and other leaders and group members.
  • Applying selected models of consultation to help groups or organizations to change.
  • Reviewing the nature and scope of research about group counseling and therapy.

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