Family in Crisis

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The course presents an in-depth study of the critical issues presently facing today's families. Emphasis will be upon assessment and the development of guidance and counseling programs that will address the learner's need. Issues addressed may vary due to the cultural demands on families and schools. 


  • Evaluating the socioeconomic and political factors that affect today's families.
  • Developing collaborative school-home relationships that promote and facilitate learners' academic, personal, social, and career growth.
  • Explaining and identifying legal and ethical issues related to school and mental health counselors such as confidentiality, duty to warn, informed consent, and dual relationships.
  • Assessing family crisis from an integrative perspective.
  • Considering cultural diversity when intervening in family crises.
  • Describing violence and its impact on the family.
  • Identifying the various theoretical approaches to family violence.
  • Understanding abuse within the context of family dynamics.
  • Discussing the theoretical and therapeutic approaches to dealing with abuse.
  • Explaining the dynamics of suicide on the family system.
  • Addressing the suicidal client within a therapeutic context.
  • Comparing and contrasting the effects of natural and man-made trauma on the family.
  • Understanding the concept of crisis intervention, referral, advocacy, and triage as applied to families in crisis.
  • Understanding the issues of divorce and their effect on the family.
  • Understanding the impact of environmental influences on the individual’s development and facilitating strategies that help one cope with various crisis situations.
  • Understanding subsystems that exist within the family and their impact on the family at large.

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