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The course facilitates self-discovery through the study of the master works of various cultures.  It emphasizes the common themes of human experience, such as family, the hero, initiation, and self-discovery.


PREREQUISITE: ENG1002 or the equivalent.



  • Evaluating key master works of ancient and contemporary cultures.
  • Distinguishing the genre of imaginative literature.
  • Recognizing stated, implied, and inferred meaning in selected readings.
  • Discussing the relationships among literary elements in selected readings.
  • Identifying and analyzing the author’s use of figurative language in selected passages of literature.
  • Describing the literary techniques the author uses to project the theme of the work.
  • Recognizing stated and figurative symbolism in passages of literature.
  • Discussing the theme of a literary work in relation to its global significance.
  • Analyzing the development of the author’s moral and ethical vision in a literary work.
  • Recognizing the forces in a work that have an impact on the reader’s values and ethics.
  • Recognizing the writer’s role as a humanizing agent in society.
  • Understanding the contemporary experience through the universal themes in literature.
  • Understanding how cultural imperatives influence the creations of literary work.
  • Drawing comparisons among works of various cultures or literary eras.
  • Drafting and revising an analytical paper on a selected work.
  • Conducting on-line and computer-based research on a literary topic.
  • Summarizing secondary research on a literary topic.

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