Leading in Transition and Change

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This course will examine the process of leadership through transition and change. Exploring the nature of transition as an internal process and change as an external process the course will offer practical models and strategies to assist leaders as they navigate change. Transition and change offer unique opportunities for organizational and personal renewal if managed effectively.  Because transition and change are dynamic and broad based; applications will be made to individual life changes, organizational renewal and family life transitions. Leadership skills as a facilitator of change and manager of transitions will be examined. 



    • Contrasting the nature of transitions and change as natural elements in growth process.
    • Understanding working models of transition and change.
    • Understanding the nature and impact of endings on individual and organizational  life.
    • Examining the neutral zone and its impact on renewal.
    • Understanding the process of new beginnings and strategies for vision setting.
    • Examining the role of grief in the process of renewal and transition.
    • Contrasting real loss with subjective loss and its impact on individuals and organizations.
    • Identifying key leadership strategies for each phase of the transition process.
    • Identifying one’s own transitional style.
    • Exploring the effects of ethical conduct on the change process and leadership effectiveness.
    • Discussing creative opportunities and dangers in the transition process.
    • Discussing the role and function of the transition management team.
    • Integrating concepts of leadership, communications and conflict as they impact the change process.
    • Evaluating one’s own transitional history and the opportunity for alternatives in future decision making.

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