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The course presents the techniques, skills, and models for identifying and utilizing the assets of human resources within organizations as well as one’s own personal assets.  Students will learn how to use self-assessments and evaluation of skills and life experiences to develop portfolios for documentation.


CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4735 has been successfully completed.



  • Analyzing human resource skills and human assets that are essential to an organization.
  • Applying the results of skills inventories within organizations.
  • Researching skills that are required to meet the needs for both current and projected job markets.
  • Defining the components in an assessment process.
  • Relating life-learning experiences to education.
  • Describing human resource skills as they relate to specific job and career paths.
  • Applying concepts of life span development to adult learning.
  • Critically analyzing variables and outcomes in the experiential learning process.
  • Analyzing ways in which experiences influence one’s career path.
  • Writing clear and comprehensive competency statements.
  • Developing sources of documentation that verify the existence of competencies.
  • Organizing life experiences into a portfolio.
  • Discussing the importance of skills inventories for an organization to appropriately utilize its human asset.
  • Relating the importance of an individual inventory to one’s personal mission.
  • Identifying and prioritizing transferable skills.
  • Examining the use of technology in identifying and presenting skills and experience.
  • Developing a clear process for a three-step career-change visualized.

Course Syllabi

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