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The course is designed to prepare undergraduate students to identify, analyze, and resolve ethical dilemmas commonly encountered in the business world.  Emphasis is placed on a philosophical framework for making ethical decisions in the marketplace and workplace.



  • Discussing the historical development of business ethics, including the evolution of professional and corporate Codes of Ethics.
  • Understanding ethical theories and decision-making methodologies and applying them to business dilemmas.
  • Assessing his/her own values, attitudes, and beliefs as a member of the workforce.
  • Discussing the nature of the corporation and its relationship to society.
  • Explaining consumer rights and how business practices affect consumers.
  • Understanding the sometimes conflicting values, attitudes, and beliefs held by employees, customers, suppliers, managers, owners/stockholders, and members of the larger community.
  • Understanding social responsibility and how business ethics is a part of social responsibility.
  • Analyzing the impact that laws and regulations have on ethical decisions made in conducting a business.
  • Discussing the impact of religion on ethical standards in the workplace and marketplace.
  • Assessing ethical issues related to the use and structure of new technologies in the marketplace and workplace.
  • Explaining the relationship between ethics and the achievement of quality objectives.
  • Understanding the role of corporate leadership in establishing an environment conducive to ethical outcomes of business dilemmas.
  • Discussing the process of achieving ethical changes in business organizations.
  • Discussing the complexity of ethical decision making when companies conduct business in a foreign country.
  • Analyzing specific ethical decisions made by businesses in the areas of human resources, marketing, accounting/finance, and production.

Course Syllabi

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