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The course provides a survey of various forms of business ownership and considerations for running a business. Topics include aspects of business, management, and leadership functions, analysis of various strategic policies, and formulating successful operational planning. Discussions include challenges in the legal and regulatory environment, business ethics, and social responsibility. Emphasis is placed on the transitional business world.



  • Comparing policy and operational planning.
  • Assessing the benefits and requirements for developing an effective managerial process, tactical, operational, and managerial approaches utilized in designing a company system.
  • Identifying top management’s requirements for effective policy development.
  • Understanding the human tendencies and errors common to the planning process.
  • Delineating an effective process for corporate performance measurement and evaluation.
  • Designing control techniques for managing compliance to policies and goals.
  • Assessing the role of various types of budgets in implementing strategy.
  • Understanding the importance of ethics programs in the overall success of the firm.
  • Understanding the essential responsibilities of running a business.
  • Defining the process of formulating a business strategy and policies.
  • Identifying and evaluating social restraints and constraints affecting policies and operational plans.
  • Evaluating leadership roles in ethics, diversity, and sustainability.
  • Understanding and implementing evidenced-based management in decision-making,
  • Formulating an integrated plan for a change within a business or organization.
  • Analyzing business administration dilemmas in case studies.
  • Developing policies and procedures to support a specific business strategy.

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