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The course presents skills necessary for achieving a competitive advantage in both manufacturing and service industries.  Topics include organizational design, customer service, setting strategic goals, and managing foods and services to both employees and customers.



  • Analyzing manufacturing and service operations management within industries.
  • Describing theories governing the role of operations management within a business firm.
  • Developing product and process operations strategies at the corporate and global level.
  • Applying decision-making techniques to operations including forecasting and capacity planning.
  • Describing principles related to process versus product management functions.
  • Determining the quality and accuracy of external source data used in forecasting techniques.
  • Applying statistical process control methods to production forecasts and budgets.
  • Developing capacity planning tools including methods to lower costs and improve profitability.
  • Developing location analyses based on production demands derived from sales, warehouse, and transportation requirements.
  • Identifying principles, concepts, and techniques of operations as applied to sales, production, and distribution systems.
  • Analyzing materials management and the impact of inventory systems on organizational operating performance and profitability.
  • Defining strategies for innovative changes related to production and materials management including complex projects.
  • Developing materials management programs related to service controls, customer service, and communication.
  • Describing the logistics function in a supply-chain setting.
  • Identifying Technological Issues in Operations Management.
  • Identifying Operational Sustainability Requirements.
  • Understanding how supply change management influences efficiency and productivity of operations and techniques to address supply change challenges.
  • Evaluating solutions to address current trends in operations management.
  • Understanding international management theories and how they can be applied anywhere in the world.

Course Syllabi

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