Project Principles and Team Performance

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This course presents the critical role of the project management principles in the guidance of the project management team and achievement of project and organization objectives. The course focuses on interrelated domains that focus on the activities necessary for team development and leadership necessary to foster an environment and culture of high performance in project organizations. The course adds new concepts and methods to those learned in previous project management courses and integrates and expands the topics of project principles and team performance using case studies, exercises, and real-world experiences.



  • Applying ethical decision-making and moral leadership in the application of project principles and team performance.
  • Discussing the principles of project management.
  • Defining project management and the role of project leadership.
  • Understanding the role of the project leadership in engaging stakeholders.
  • Understanding and developing a collaborative team environment.
  • Discussing the importance of the project team as key project stakeholders.
  • Understanding and applying core leadership behaviors.
  • Discussing project adaptability, resiliency, and embracing change in team performance.
  • Developing project team composition, structure, and communications.
  • Understanding and establishing key team performance metrics.
  • Discussing project models, methods, and artifacts and the application of project principles and team performance and leadership.

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