Project Scope and Quality Management

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The course presents an overview of project management and the importance to the organization.  The integration of project management principles is studied, as well as project scope management and project quality management.



  • Understanding the nature of project management and the integration of the functions of managing within the organization.
  • Defining project life cycles and the usage and benefits of progress reports.
  • Discussing the different roles of project actors (e.g., project manager, staff, middle management, specialist, top management) and how to deal with and manage conflict during the different life cycles.
  • Understanding how to document requirements of the project and build the project plan, determine the validity of the project, and build work breakdown structures.
  • Identifying the customer and analyzing the needs as the basis of project specification.
  • Understanding how to monitor the project progress and manage the necessary change during execution.
  • Understanding the need for selecting and assigning the correct people on the project, and proper delegation of responsibilities and authority to achieve objectives.
  • Understanding the process of documenting the project from inception through conclusion, closing the project out with positive results to maximize organizational contractual benefits.
  • Using the various project management tools, the benefits delivered, and when the tools should be applied.
  • Understanding quality and quality management, including the costs of quality and the costs of non-quality.
  • The tools and methods used to provide quality assurance and the attributes of quality through quality planning and control.
  • Understanding cost/benefit analysis as applied to project go/no go decisions.
  • Applying statistical control concepts and the importance of quality design.
  • Developing an action plan when results do not meet project specification.
  • Understanding the Pareto principle and diagrams and how they relate to and assist in project management.
  • Understanding and defending the zero defects concept.
  • Knowing how motivation works within the organization and the project team to enhance quality.
  • Understanding the purpose and value of project documentation.


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