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This course provides students an in-depth exposure to the skills necessary to manage an organization in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.  The course will explore the general history and theory of the field of management. After reviewing the theories and foundations of the management field, students will investigate and discuss the changes and challenges in today’s global marketplace.  A variety of crucial management skills will be addressed. Course topics include the history and theory of management, managing differences, personality type, Emotional IQ, contemporary management challenges, ethical considerations in management, how to manage rapidly changing technologies, relationship building, and managing the multi-generational workforce.



  • Understanding the role of the manager within the organization.
  • Understanding how changes in the economy affect managers.
  • Defining the importance of being able to adapt to today’s workplace challenges by creating an adaptive organization.
  • Understanding how the differences in generations affect the workplace and the need to adapt managerial approaches to those differences.
  • Discussing how being able to work with different personalities can be an asset to a manager.
  • Exploring gender differences and the need to adapt managerial approaches to those differences.
  • Understanding how to conceptualize organizational needs in relation to change.
  • Understanding how working with Emotional IQ can be a powerful management tool.
  • Understanding the need to manage technology efficiently and effectively.
  • Understanding diversity within the workplace and how it affects managerial decision making.
  • Understanding ethics.
  • Discussing the hostile work environment and how to overcome this challenge.
  • Understanding the challenges of the entitled worker.
  • Understanding the challenges of the unmotivated worker.
  • Understanding the challenges of the overworked employee.

Course Syllabi

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