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The course addresses issues present in supply management, distribution, production, service delivery, and logistics in the service and manufacturing industries. Topics include inventory management, competitiveness, capacity planning for products and services, facility layout, master scheduling, supply chain management, location planning, and quality control measurements for managing customers and employees.


CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if MGT4203 has been successfully completed.



  • Analyzing operational processes in manufacturing and service organizations.
  • Identifying organizational theories in operations management.
  • Developing product and process operational strategies at the corporate and global levels.
  • Applying forecasting techniques to operations management.
  • Applying total quality management concepts to operations management.
  • Applying statistical process control methods to production forecasting.
  • Applying statistical process control methods to financial budgets.
  • Designing workforce management systems.
  • Developing a master schedule.
  • Designing capacity planning tools.
  • Developing production schedules and budgets.
  • Analyzing materials management programs.
  • Designing corporate inventory systems and relevant controls.
  • Developing statistical processes for analyzing operating performance and profitability measures.
  • Developing location analysis techniques derived from sales, warehouse, and transportation requirements.
  • Translating organizational business plans into detailed production schedules.
  • Researching current trends and issues in operations management.
  • Analyzing how supply change management influences efficiency and productivity of operations and techniques to evaluate supply chain challenges.

Course Syllabi

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