Management: Responsibilities and Practices

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This course presents an intensive exploration of management as a systematic, disciplined process used to accomplish organizational goals with emphasis placed on the integration of ethics, accountability, and responsibility in leadership and management practices.  Topics include elements of the management system, organizational theory, global management, centralized and decentralized authority, and evaluating various types of work groups and teams.



  • Demonstrating an in-depth understanding of managerial functions and the management process through casework applications.
  • Demonstrating an ability to apply approaches to management thought and leadership theories by examining evolution and challenges.
  • Demonstrating an in-depth understanding of managerial competencies.
  • Analyzing the impact of various environmental influences on the management of organizations.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of global considerations in organizational management.
  • Comparing and contrasting the advantages and disadvantages of various types of work groups and teams.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of organizational control systems.
  • Analyzing strategic and operational management processes and demonstrating creative problem-solving and decision-making abilities.
  • Analyzing resource capabilities within a competitive environment.
  • Analyzing strategy formation at the business and corporate levels.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of organizational behavior through power, politics, conflict, and stress strategy formation.
  • Demonstrating an understanding of organizational ethics and social responsibility.
  • Analyzing organizational challenges such as quality productivity, job satisfaction, and organizational design.
  • Applying the concepts related to critical evaluation of organizational issues or initiatives.
  • Identifying how adaptive organizations are designed.
  • Analyzing how organizational culture affects the management of organizations.
  • Identifying the different leadership styles and how they affect the management of organizations.
  • Evaluating how performance management impacts an organization. 

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