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This course provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate academic achievement and practical knowledge of Agile project management tools, techniques, and processes necessary for effective and efficient product delivery. In this course, students demonstrate their ability to integrate and utilize Agile project management knowledge accumulated in prior coursework through the selection and completion of a course project. Students apply their knowledge by developing and presenting project justification, Agile product delivery plan, and other Agile project management artifacts that describe how to manage and complete the course project.





  • Evaluating influential literature relevant to advanced agile project management topics.
  • Defining ethical principles and moral leadership in the development of agile project management.
  • Identifying, evaluating, and applying Agile principles and mindset within the context of the project team and organization.
  • Understanding the implications of producing valuable project results by producing high-value increments for review, early and often, based on stakeholder priorities.
  • Discussing the importance of engaging current and future Agile project stakeholders through building a trusting environment that aligns their needs and expectations with an understanding of the cost, effort, and uncertainty involved.
  • Evaluating stakeholder performance and collaboration throughout the Agile project life cycle.
  • Analyzing, evaluating, and applying of agile practices for effective coordination and informed decision-making in the Agile project management context.
  • Creating an environment of transparency, trust, and conflict resolution that promotes team self-organization and cultivates a culture of high performance.
  • Producing and maintaining an evolving Agile project management plan, from initiation to closure, based on goals, values, risks, constraints, stakeholder feedback, and review findings.
  • Evaluating the Agile practice of continuous identification of problems, impediments, and risks.
  • Defending the importance of evidenced-based learning (inspection and adaptation) in Agile projects. 
  • Discussing continuous improvement of quality, effectiveness, and value of the product, the process, and the team in the Agile project management context.

Course Syllabi

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