Interpreting Your Degree Plan

What Is An Electronic Degree Plan?

An Electronic Degree Plan (EDP) is designed to aid the student in meeting course requirements for a degree. The EDP takes into consideration all hours completed at Amberton University as reflected in the Electronic Transcript (ET) as well as hours transferred via the Transfer of Credit Report (TCR). The EDP produces a printout of satisfied degree requirements as well as requirements which may be deficient relative to the degree selected. The EDP allows a student to compare his/her academic accomplishments against any or all degrees in the University's catalog. In order to receive an EDP, a student must have on file evidence of previous work completed (official copies of transcripts).

How Do I Read The Degree Plan?

The EDP is divided into four main sections: the major requirements for the degree, the number of required hours (listed under the "REQUIRED HRS" column), the number of hours completed (designated by "YOU HAVE"), and any deficiencies (noted by a **D). The EDP also lists the student's name and degree.

How Often Should I Obtain An EDP?

A student should request an updated EDP anytime he/she has completed additional hours, submitted transcripts for evaluation or has a question regarding degree requirements. How do I know when degree requirements have been satisfied? When you have satisfied all degree requirements, no deficiencies (**D) will be reflected on the EDP. Areas marked as deficient do not reflect courses in which the student is currently enrolled.

What Are "General Electives"?

General Electives are met by any excess hours (hours not needed to fulfill specific degree requirements) completed at or transferred to Amberton University. These hours can be a combination of lower and upper level courses and can, at the same time, fulfull part of the upper level requirements.

How Is My EDP Updated?

A student's EDP is updated any time additional course work is completed at Amberton University or when additional hours are accepted in transfer toward the degree.

Where Can I Obtain Additional Copies Of My EDP?

A student can obtain an EDP by visiting the Student Services Office on the Garland Campus or Frisco Center. The EDP is available free of charge as a service to Amberton University students. Also, students may request an EDP for any of the degrees listed in the University's catalog. In addition, the Electronic Transcript (ET) and Transfer of Credit Report (TCR) are available in the Student Services Office.

I Have Taken Courses At Other Institutions That Are Not Relflected On My EDP. Why Not?

The EDP can only evaluate courses taken with or transferred to Amberton University. The student is responsible for providing Amberton with official transcripts from previous colleges. If all transcripts have been supplied, a student should consult the TCR to determine how the course equivalencies were given. Appeals regarding transferability of courses may be directed to the Academic Services Office.

Can The EDP Be Used To Evaluate My Work For A Second Bachelor's Or Master's Degree?

If you are petitioning for a second Bachelor's or second Master's degree at Amberton University, the EDP system cannot be used to evaluate your degree requirements. Please contact the Vice President for Academic Services for a personal evaluation of your degree requirements.

Where Can I Get Further Assistance In Understanding My Edp?

Should you have additional questions regarding the EDP, please speak with a University advisor in the Student Services Office (972.279.6511 ext. 180 or 301) or email

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