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Through project assignments and research, the Master of Science in Human Resource Training and Development program prepares students to assess learning needs, design and deliver training programs, and establish evaluation procedures within organizations. Graduates will fill leadership positions in human resources, training and development, recruiting and staffing, team development and consulting roles in both public and private settings. This degree is offered both in the classroom lecture and distance learning modes.

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Degree Plan Overview

Requirements Hours
Required Graduate Studies 6 Hours
Major Requirements 24 Hours
Electives from Any Discipline 6 Hours
36 Total Hours
Full Degree Plan Requirements

Get Your Masters in HR Training and Development at Amberton Today

If you are interested in earning an advanced degree with a training focus, then a Master of Science in HR Training and Development might be right for you. The complex discipline of Human Resources has come a long way in recent years. There are many different job titles and roles within the field, meaning that distinguishing between the various related graduate degrees can be challenging.

What Is an MS in HR Training and Development?

One of the things that sets a Master’s in Training and Development apart from other degree programs is the performance-oriented curriculum covered throughout the program. Students can expect to achieve expertise and mastery of skills in the discipline as they study the most relevant information and focus on real-world experience. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be equipped with the professional, administrative, and managerial skills they need to assess learning needs, design and deliver training programs and establish evaluation methodologies.

What Are the Requirements?

The minimum requirements for a degree in human resources training and development at Amberton University include:

  • Students must complete 36 semester hours to graduate from this program
  • Students must complete 24 applicable semester hours at Amberton University
  • Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00

Our training and development degree programs include courses such as Theory and Application of Research Methods, Ethics for Decision Making, Human Resources Management, and eighteen hours in Human Resource Training courses, such as Adult Learning in the Workplace, Leadership and Team Development, and Organizational Change, among others. A consultation with one of our helpful advisors can help you put together a plan for completing the program and ensuring that you are doing so most efficiently.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Are you still considering whether HR Training and Development might be the right field for you? A good Human Resources professional possesses strong communication skills, excellent self-discipline and time management, integrity, objectivity and impartiality, and a knowledge of learning styles. To work in this field, particularly in a leadership role, it’s important to have a core understanding of the many functions involved. Being able to deal with the daily challenges that will inevitably arise is vital. You’ll also need to stay up-to-date on the training and skills required to perform the jobs for which you’re training. You’ll be helping other professionals develop their skills to enhance not just their job performance and prospects, but to benefit the company as a whole.

Our Master of Science in Training and Development is ideal for professionals in the field who wish to expand their expert mastery and knowledge in the skills they need that are directly related to leadership, management, and development in Human Resources. If you would like to advance to a senior position in the Human Resources field, this program can help teach you to utilize powerful tools to facilitate positive change in an organization as you continue to learn more about the theoretical foundations of the field. Not only will you learn how to measure productivity and how to conduct invaluable research, but you’ll also sharpen your critical thinking skills, positioning yourself to become a valuable player in Human Resources.

What Industries Can This Be Applied To?

One of the best things about Human Resources is the opportunity to work in any sector with a variety of people. HR applies to every industry, so it’s a good idea to think about places where HR is best integrated into the business model. These places typically provide training and experience that can translate into other fields and give you the chance to specialize in an area of your choice.

Technology, sales and marketing, construction, finance and accounting, nonprofits, and startups all need an HR function, but will have very different employee management and recruiting challenges. The type of work you enjoy doing can give you some insight as to which sector might suit you best, from a smaller, more agile enterprise to a large multinational. Keep in mind that factors such as salary, career progression opportunities, and work-life balance will also vary wildly among industries. Depending on the sector, potential HR roles could include employee relations, employment law, payroll and pensions, health and safety, training, recruitment, reward, or organizational development and transformation.

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

Amberton University offers a range of graduate degree programs designed to address the needs of busy adults. In addition to our online Master’s Degree in Training and Development, students can also choose MS in Human Resource Management, MS in Human Relations and Business, MS in Family Studies (Optional specialization in Christian Counseling). Additionally, students can consider an MS in Agile Project Management, MBA in Strategic Leadership, MBA in Project Management, MBA in Management, MBA in International Business, MBA in General Business, MBA in Accounting, MA in School Counseling, MA in Professional Development, MA in Professional Counseling, or MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Bachelor’s degree programs include BA in Professional Development, BBA in Accounting, BBA/MBA Accounting Dual Program, BBA in General Business, BBA in Management, BBA in Management Accounting, BBA in Project Management, BS in Applied Studies, and a BS in Human Relations and Business.

Our online Master’s Degree in Training and Development is designed with working professionals in mind. We cater exclusively to adults with jobs who need flexible learning options and affordable payment plans. Although we do offer Title IV Federal Financial Aid, we encourage our students to pay as they go and graduate without debt, helping them get ahead sooner when they start working in their new fields. We provide our students with ongoing support throughout their courses, including research and study help, use of our library (complete with comfortable study areas and a computer lab), and technical support.

Amberton University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. We would love to help you take the next step in your career — contact us today to learn more.

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