Masters Degree Programs

Programs costing approximately $10,000! Tuition is an affordable $285 per credit ($855 per course).

Affordable and Flexible Master's Degree Programs

An education is one of the greatest gifts we can receive and pursuing higher learning and advanced degrees can be a gateway to career opportunities, personal development, and more. Unfortunately, life can get in the way. Well-laid plans for a graduate degree can go by the wayside with the arrival of the realities and responsibilities of life post-graduation. As time goes by, the idea of returning to a university campus to continue your education can seem both daunting and logistically challenging to balance with one's work responsibilities. Does that mean that the opportunity to pursue additional learning is not available to you?

Of course not! In fact, there have never been more options for adults ready to continue their education in pursuit of fresh opportunities. At Amberton University, we are proud to provide access to flexible graduate programs for working adults designed with your specific needs and challenges in mind. Who can benefit most from these programs?

Unlock the Core Benefits of Amberton's Adult Degree Programs

At Amberton, we don't believe in the concept of "non-traditional students," the term typically used by universities for students who do not fall into the "college age" range. Instead, we embrace lifelong learning. In doing so, we've created campuses both physical and digital, geared exclusively towards working adults. Our students are often individuals who do not have the time or opportunity to focus full-time on a degree program, but who are nevertheless ready to move forward with their education — and ultimately, their career.

Active duty military personnel, working moms, stay-at-home dads, and busy professionals alike — we're excited to open our doors to all those ready to push their education to the next level. Whether you'd like to pursue one of our online degree programs or receive face-to-face instruction in a small class setting, Amberton University is the perfect solution for the time-poor but knowledge-hungry individual.

Delve Into the Strengths of Our Master's Programs

With more than a dozen degree programs available, building upon your baccalaureate is now possible.

Three key strengths characterize our programs, which are essential to our ability to stand out; these include:

  • Affordability. There should never be guesswork involved in figuring how much you will pay in tuition.  Yet too often,  it is challenging for prospective students to find hard facts and figures to inform their search. Affordability is a critical factor for our students, and we've created tuition structures that respond to these needs. At $855 per three-credit course, understanding your expenses is easy — and you don't have to put it all up at once, either. Amberton University provides pay-as-you-go tuition, allowing you to enroll and take classes as your time allows, while also providing payment plans and even deferment options to help remove obstacles to your education.  Federal financial aid, as well as private education loans, is available if you need a little extra help.  We also work with employer tuition assistance plans and veterans’ benefits.
  • Flexibility. Not everyone learns the same way, nor can everyone's schedule accommodate rigid class times and semesters. Younger students may be able to dedicate their lives to the "college experience," but adult graduate work demands something different. Amberton University, therefore, allows master's students to select enrollment in one of our four 10-week sessions on-campus, or to opt for distance learning online. The programs are the same, but the delivery method differs. Pick and choose the options that suit you best as your schedule and preferred learning style permit; you'll find it's easy to structure the education you want.
  • Opportunity. Beyond affordable and flexible class options, students must be able to know that they can strive towards something greater with their degree. As a fully accredited university, we've tailored our programs and selected our instructors carefully. The goal: impart learning that equips students with the ability to achieve more, opening doors across industries and sectors for the direct application of their education. For more on the opportunities available at Amberton, read on below.

Whether you opt to dedicate yourself to online studies or spend time engaging with your instructors in a classroom setting, Amberton University strives to provide an educational experience with a clear difference. Furthering your education and preparing yourself to take the next steps is far less stressful when you can not only do it on your own terms but also do so in a positive environment structured for your success.

Applying Your Amberton Degree to an Industry

So where do you go from here? That's the big question — pursuing a master's degree is often a springboard to a career or a catalyst for advancement. We understand you might be eager to know what doors an Amberton University degree might help you unlock. What industries could you break into with a more advanced education? Let's consider a few quick examples:

  • Master of Business Administration — General Business: The MBA has long been a staple of the graduate world, and for good reason — it is a launchpad for many careers. This degree program is highly foundational, with fundamental learning in areas including economics, marketing, and management. Graduates with this degree are ready to join businesses of any size in any sector or even to start their own. Be an entrepreneur or help develop an existing company into something better — it starts here.
  • Master of Science — Agile Project Management: Business projects everywhere today are "agile" — in other words, using the principles of agile development, which emphasizes continual re-assessment of goals, progress, and methodologies. The result is a more responsive process that allows modern businesses to respond to changing environments and challenges more quickly. Amberton University's MS in Agile Project Management thoroughly equips students to work within this burgeoning new framework. Businesses in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and even insurance all use agile strategies today, opening up broad opportunities for graduates.
  • Master of Arts — School Counseling: Perfect for educators ready to make a career move; this MA program ultimately satisfies the academic requirements to earn a Texas Professional School Counseling Certification. Help foster success in K-12 students as a school counselor or work in higher education yourself developing programs that can aid academic growth. Holders of this degree can find many opportunities across educational institutions. Due to the nature of the instructional requirements, this program is available on-campus only.

Don't forget, these are just a few examples — you can easily find more details about all of Amberton's master's programs, and their applicable industries, on each degree's page. Explore each one in-depth and discover the right pathway for your education.

Learn More About Taking Advantage of Affordable Master's Degree Programs Today

Rooted in firm convictions founded on Christian ideas and values, Amberton University stands out as a unique choice among educational options for working adults. From small class sizes and convenient distance learning resources, to in-depth degree programs and respected faculty who bring real-world experience to the classroom, the Amberton University difference is more than convenience — it's a total dedication to the unique and specific needs you face in your educational pursuits.

Find out more about how to earn your online master's degree today as part of the Amberton family or explore enrollment at our Frisco or Garland campuses. Let's embrace the exciting opportunities education creates together.

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