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The Master of Business Administration in International Business degree is for those who want to pursue management roles in the international marketplace. The objective of the program is to prepare graduate business students for leadership and interaction with international trade and commerce. The core curriculum strategically focuses on fundamental knowledge and skills in international economics, finance, marketing, cultural communication, and managing the global workforce.

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Degree Plan Overview

Requirements Hours
Program Prerequisites (12) Hours
Required Graduate Studies 6 Hours
Major Requirements (5000/6000 Level) 18 Hours
Electives (5000/6000 Level) 12 Hours
36 Total Hours
Full Degree Plan Requirements

Get Your Master’s in International Business Administration at Amberton Today

If you are interested in pursuing a career in international business, Amberton’s Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in International Business might be the right fit for you. The MBA in International Business is one of several MBA programs we offer at Amberton, including MBAs in Accounting, Project Management, Strategic Leadership, Management, and General Business. Like other MBA programs, our international business administration degree will provide a base of business skills that are transferable to any area of business, alongside more specialized focuses.

What Is a Master’s in International Business Administration?

We refer to the MBA in International Business interchangeably as the “Master’s in International Business Administration.” This 36-credit-hour program is intended for individuals who plan to pursue business or leadership roles that touch international marketplaces. These days, thanks to the Internet, most industries are more global than ever before. Borders are more fluid than they once were, and with that globalized focus has come a greater need for understanding the nuances of international trade and commerce. Leaders or executives in businesses that interact with the global marketplace must go in with a base of knowledge about international laws, regulatory policies, cultural customs and norms, and other market factors. 

Our Master’s in International Business Administration helps graduate business students at Amberton fill in these gaps. Working through this program will give you a working knowledge and skill base in matters of international marketing, cross-cultural communications, international economics, international finance, and global workforce management. 

What Are the Requirements?

The MBA in International Business is a graduate-level degree, which means that students are expected to come into the program with a bachelor’s degree in business. If students have a bachelor’s degree in another field, Amberton requires that students enrolling in the international business administration degree program have completed the following four courses (or equivalent alternatives) :

In addition to a core of major requirements, students can choose 12 hours of business administration electives before completing the capstone course MGT6203 Strategic Management.

Click here to learn more about the degree plan for the International Business MBA.

Where Can I Apply for This Degree?

If you are thinking about pursuing an MBA in International Business, you probably already have some idea of where you might apply this degree. You might even already have a job with a company that is paying for you to go through this program in preparation for major international market expansion.

Regardless, the good news is that there are ample situations to where you can apply a Master’s in International Business Administration. As we already mentioned, many industries and markets have gone truly global in recent years. Because of this fact, almost all large businesses—and many SMBs, for that matter—can benefit from hiring specialists with graduate-level credentials in international business.

Typical careers for graduates of an International Business MBA program include jobs in foreign business development and expansion, international marketing, regulatory advisory, financial control, and consulting.

In addition, one of the excellent aspects of an MBA is how transferable many of the skills learned in the degree path are to general business. A little less than half of Amberton’s MBA in International Business (15 credit hours) is made up of courses specifically related to international marketplace matters. Subjects of these courses include cultural communication, global economic issues, international finance, managing the global workforce, and international marketing. However, the major also requires coursework in ethics for decision-making and strategic management—competencies applicable to any area of business. Twelve credit hours, meanwhile, must come from business administration elective courses, which help our students graduate with a well-rounded graduate business education.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Students who pursue a Master’s in International Business Administration from Amberton should 1) meet the academic prerequisites discussed above, and 2) have an interest in doing work involving foreign markets. The MBA in International Business is a specialized degree that grants graduates a unique understanding of a vast and increasingly important segment of the marketplace. Students who pursue this program are generally very interested in understanding the cultural, economic, and financial trends of these international marketplaces.

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

If you are interested in pursuing your MBA in International Business with Amberton, we are happy to help make our program work with you. We offer both classroom learning and distance learning options, depending on your schedule, location, and overall preferences. We have two locations where students can pursue their degrees: one in Garland, Texas and the other in Frisco, Texas. If you wish to learn more about offerings at either of our campuses or want to know more about our distance learning programs, request information here.

Also, note that we offer other graduate-level business degrees at Amberton as well. If you aren’t sure whether an international business administration degree is the right fit for you, try exploring our other business offerings. 

Start by looking at our other MBA programs. Beyond the MBA in International Business, here is a list of what we currently have to offer in the MBA space:

Those seeking new skills or advancements in the business world are also often drawn to our specialization skills, which are geared toward helping students make themselves more marketable in the workforce. Relevant specialization programs may include:

One of our advisors would be happy to talk to you in greater detail about the various business programs we offer at Amberton. Our goal is to assist you in finding the right program to help you accomplish your goals and reach the next level in your career. Contact us today to learn more.

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