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If you prefer to choose your own specialization, then the Master of Arts in Professional Development is for you. This program provides a broad-based, interdisciplinary curriculum from the fields of business, communication, counseling, human behavior, and human resources and training to match the constantly evolving learning curve found in today’s professional marketplace. Students may take the opportunity of designing an interdisciplinary program of study that brings fields of inquiry together in unique combinations not otherwise offered as a program at the University. Graduates will use their distinctive expertise in a wide range of careers including management, team leadership, communication, and social sciences. This degree is offered both in the classroom lecture and distance learning modes. Additionally, students may earn one or more certifications offered by Amberton while pursuing this degree.

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Requirements Hours
Required Graduate Studies 6 Hours
Major Requirements 30 Hours
36 Total Hours
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Get Your Master of Arts in Professional Development at Amberton

If choosing your own specialization sounds appealing to you, you might want to consider our Professional Development program. The Master of Arts in Professional Development program at Amberton University provides an interdisciplinary curriculum from the fields of human behavior, counseling, communication, human resources, and business along with training to match today’s evolving professional marketplace. 

Students have the opportunity to design a program of study that mixes fields of inquiry in unique combinations that aren’t otherwise offered as complete programs. Graduates can use the expertise they’ve gained in a range of possible careers, such as communication, social sciences, team leadership, and management. This degree is available in distance and classroom lecture modes. Students may also earn one or more of the certifications we offer while pursuing this degree. 

What Is a Master of Arts in Professional Development?

Our Professional Development courses adopt a unique approach to graduate studies. The Master of Arts in Professional Development program is designed for professionals who wish to expand their credentials and knowledge beyond the boundaries of their bachelor’s degree. This program offers a broad and diverse educational experience, allowing students to select a single-discipline track such as, business, human behavior, leadership, or training and development. Or, students may choose an interdisciplinary path. Customize your master’s degree with various certifications and concentrations to align with your educational and professional goals. 

What Are the Requirements? 

To be eligible to enroll in our Professional Development Program, students must complete 24 semester hours applicable to the degree, and 36 semester hours total at Amberton University. They must also maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00. The required graduate studies include Theory and Application of Research Methods as well as Ethics for Decision Making. Also, students will complete 30 semester hours of graduate courses of their choosing; options include Business Administration, Communication, Counseling, Human Behavior and Development, Human Resources and Training, Psychology, Religion/Ethics, and Sociology. 

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

Because this program allows you to create your path, it is appropriate for a wide variety of individuals with different goals. Suitable candidates will possess strong communication and study skills and a desire to learn what they need to know to work in the field of their choosing, such as human resources or business. At Amberton University, we cater to working adults, which means that good candidates are also people who need the flexibility we can offer and a way to earn their degree while they keep working, even a full-time job. 

What Industries Can This Be Applied To?

Depending on the specific specializations you choose, your professional development degree can be applied to a range of different industries once you graduate. Business, human resources, human behavior, and communication are just a few of the types of roles you can occupy in a wide variety of fields. 

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

Along with professional development courses, Amberton University offers a range of master’s degree programs. School Counseling, General Business, International Business, Accounting, Management, Strategic Leadership, Family Studies, Human Resource Management, and Managerial Science are some of your options. You can also choose from a selection of specializations such as Adult Training and Development, Project Management, Diversity Awareness, and Executive Communication Skills. 

Amberton University is designed exclusively for working adults, and we understand the challenges you face as you work toward your short, and long-term education and career goals while you continue earning money. We are flexible, offering both online and in-classroom course options so that you can choose the method of learning that suits you best. We are also affordable, allowing you to pay as you go and graduate with little to no debt. Contact us today to speak to an advisor about your goals and the best way for you to achieve them. 

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