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As a student in the MBA in Project Management program, you will enhance your ability to successfully manage complex projects. Grounded in general management principles, this program is a study that provides students with the capability to master advanced project management techniques. The curriculum focuses on teaching students fluency in emerging project management theories and methodologies. You’ll learn the tools, techniques, and processes necessary to effectively initiate, plan, execute, control, and close organizational projects and succeed as a project management practitioner. Graduates are prepared to fill project management and leadership roles in modern organizations. This degree is offered both in the classroom lecture and distance learning modes.

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Get the full details and requirements for Master of Business Administration / Project Management.

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Degree Plan Overview

Requirements Hours
Required Graduate Studies 6 Hours
Major Requirements 24 Hours
Electives 6 Hours
36 Total Hours
Full Degree Plan Requirements


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There are multiple benefits to earning an MBA in Project Management at Amberton University. If you already work as a project coordinator or project assistant, this degree can give you the skills you need to manage larger, more complex projects and grow your career. Project management is a fast-growing, high-paying career that offers the potential to work in almost any field.

At Amberton University, we offer a range of degree programs created for working adults with busy schedules. We are designed for students who need an affordable, high-quality education with a variety of programs and flexible features, such as distance learning courses, affordable tuition, and shorter, more focused sessions. Our dedicated faculty will support you throughout your program to help ensure your success.

Project Management Institute - Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017 - 2027

What Is an MBA in Project Management?

With an MBA in Project Management, you will have enhanced abilities in effectively managing complex projects. This degree program provides the skills required to manage various aspects of a business, such as human resources, financing, and other factors that increase profitability and affect product output. Project managers work in a variety of industries in a wide range of roles.

What Are the Requirements?

The minimum requirements for a Master’s in Project Management include: 

  • Completion at Amberton University of 24 semester hours applicable to the degree
  • Completion of 36 semester hours excluding prerequisites
  • A minimum GPA of 3.00

You can view this program’s prerequisites here.

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

A great project manager possesses a combination of key qualities,including:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Integrity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good delegation skills
  • A cool and collected demeanor
  • Competency

What Industries Can This Be Applied To?

Project managers with MBAs are found at almost all levels of almost all large companies. From entry-level analysts through executive positions, the possibilities for graduates from the MBA in Project Management are endless. Some of the most common industries that employ project managers are:

  • Engineering (including software). Engineering-centered project management roles are well-suited to those who enjoy collaborating with teammates and building things in a structured way in a data-driven organization.
  • Construction. Construction project managers may work onsite or in an architectural firm; they may also be known as site supervisors.
  • Real estate. Real estate project managers, also called real estate developers, work to meet goals involving construction, renovation, and daily operation of a portfolio of properties (or one large property).
  • Transportation. Project management professionals in the transportation field might carry out a range of tasks including planning and implementing budgets, recruiting and training new talent, managing personnel performance, or ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainability. Sustainability project management is a growing field involving a large range of responsibilities. Business sustainability efforts include marketing, research, technology, creation of new products, and more.

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

Our MBA in Project Management is grounded in general management principles, providing students with the ability to master advanced project management techniques. Our curriculum is designed to teach fluency in emerging project management methodologies and theories. Graduates of this program will possess the tools, techniques, and processes they need to plan, initiate, execute, and manage organizational projects. You will be prepared to succeed as a project management practitioner in a modern organization. We offer this program 100% online and a combination of online and campus delivery methods. We also offer other MBA programs, including our MBA in Accounting, MBA in General Business, MBA in Management, and MBA in Strategic Leadership.

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