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If your goal is to become a leader for a dynamic organization, then the MBA in Strategic Leadership is your ticket to success. Core requirements emphasize competencies for implementing organizational systems, managing change, and resolving conflict within a framework of ethical leadership. Best of all, customization through selection of electives allows the program to compliment individual career goals. Graduates will be equipped to fill executive leadership roles in management, consulting and financial services or assume positions in healthcare, government and education. This degree is offered both in the classroom lecture and distance learning modes.

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Requirements Hours
Required Graduate Studies 6 Hours
Major Requirements 24 Hours
Electives 6 Hours
36 Total Hours
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If you can see yourself as the leader of a dynamic organization, then you can benefit from a strategic leadership degree. This program focuses on competencies for implementing organizational systems, resolving conflict, and managing change on a foundation of ethical leadership. An MBA in strategic leadership also allows you to customize your degree by selecting elective courses that align with your specific career goals. Graduates of the program will be equipped to take on executive leadership roles in management, financial services, consulting, and more in fields such as education, government, and healthcare. We offer this degree in both distance learning and classroom lecture modes.

What Is an MBA in Strategic Leadership?

For an organization to grow and continually develop its direction and vision, there must be managers with quality skills in strategic leadership. Executives who possess the right skills and tools to formulate and implement the right ideas and initiatives strategically are essential. In the modern business world, any successful organization needs skilled and qualified leaders who can build ownership and alignment within their workgroups to effectively manage ambiguity and changes. An MBA in strategic leadership is a modern managers’ degree designed to help sharpen these essential skills.

Our classroom and online strategic leadership master’s programs incorporate the essential areas of management and training that teach students how to make the best decisions for an organization’s growth. Strategic leadership programs are designed for prospective leaders in a changing business landscape, allowing them to be able to make long-term, visionary decisions. This program combines training and learned skills with practical aspects to enable graduates to excel in their future real-world roles. These skills are necessary for helping transform growing businesses in many different fields around the globe.

What Are the Requirements?

Our Master of Business Administration in Strategic Leadership program helps students develop the managerial skills they need to fill leadership roles in dynamic organizations. The requirements for completing this program include competencies in managing change, implementing organizational systems, and conflict resolution within an ethical leadership framework. Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Analyze and apply leadership competencies in organizational situations
  • Apply management principles and practices to the strategic management of organizations
  • Construct and present a strategic plan for an organization
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ethical issues and decision-making skills
  • Conduct research relevant to the discipline

To complete this program, students must:

  • Complete 24 semester hours applicable to this degree at Amberton University
  • Complete 36 semester hours excluding prerequisites
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00

Students must also satisfy the program’s prerequisites by having a bachelor’s degree in business or taking courses in Statistical Analysis, Management Processes, Competitive Analysis, Accounting and Finance for Managers. You can speak with an advisor to determine exactly which courses you will need to have completed (or their equivalents).

Who Are the Ideal Candidates?

A good strategic manager brings an effective way of thinking about business to the table, along with practical expertise in developing and implementing business plans. A successful strategic manager will have a varied skill set that includes the ability to make decisions and take action. Some of the most important traits a good candidate for this program will possess include:

  • Analytical thinking. A strategic manager must be able to analyze a company’s fundamental weaknesses and strengths, assess the competition and the marketplace, and identify the problems limiting the company’s success.
  • Vision. It’s crucial to have a big-picture vision to be successful in a strategic management role. That means understanding the company’s mission and envisioning specific actions that align with its goals.
  • Problem-solving. A strategic manager must be able to come up with creative solutions to a wide range of business-related problems, such as how to respond to new regulations, the best way to achieve a specific goal with limited resources, or what changes to make in an ineffective business culture.
  • Leadership. People in strategic manager jobs must be able to implement their plans by leading others, including staff and management. They must possess the communication skills and authority to put their vision into action.
  • Flexibility. As strategic management is an ongoing process, someone in this role must be able to navigate changes in technology, regulations, economics, market forces, and more. They will need to be able to evaluate their business plan continually and make adaptations based on feedback and performance.

To Which Industries Does This Degree Apply?

Every business in every industry has a mission statement, and the overarching goal is to ensure that their performance and practices align with it. That means that students who graduate with an MBA in Strategic Leadership can often find employment in any sector of the business world.

While companies of all sizes employ managers with backgrounds in strategic leadership, larger companies may offer more competitive salaries and benefits, and provide ample room for professional advancement. These large corporations tend to be headquartered in major cities in top markets like Dallas, Houston, New York City, Atlanta, or Chicago, making the employment opportunities for a graduate in Strategic Leadership virtually limitless, and unbound by geography.

In your search for employment after graduation you may come across positions such as: Senior Strategy Manager, Management Consultant, Senior Product Manager, and Finance Manager. Although these job titles for executives in the business sector may vary, they are all leadership positions associated with top-tier salaries and high responsibility. 

Specific Amberton Degree Offerings

Along with our MBA in Strategic Leadership, Amberton University also offers a range of MBA programs, including Accounting, General Business, International Business, Management, and Project Management. Other master’s programs include Family Studies, Human Relations and Business, Human Resource Management, Human Resources Training and Development, and Managerial Science. We also offer a range of bachelor’s programs, including Professional Development, Accounting, Management, Applied Studies, Human Relations and Business, and more.

We offer online and classroom courses to cater to working adults who need a class schedule that fits their busy lives. We provide ongoing support as you work through your program as well as affordable payment options to help provide access to a college education and a range of career options to as many people as possible. Contact Amberton University today to discuss your needs and goals.

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