Specialization Overview

Awareness of human diversity is a vital component for competitive organizations. The Specialization in Diversity Awareness provides a comprehensive review of differences faced in business and society and a foundation for working together productively. Students successfully finishing the four courses not only complete the emphasis but also earn twelve hours of graduate credit. This Specialization may be completed online and complements the Master of Arts in Professional Development and the Master of Science in Human Relations & Business.

Hours Required: 12


COM6420 Cultural Communication

The course allows students to analyze how cultural differences affect communication. Students study various cultures and compare and contrast them with American culture.

HBD5721 Sex Roles in Business and Society

The course presents an understanding of how organizational role expectations interact with sex role expectations. The primary objective of the course is to help both male and female students develop greater understanding and respect for each other as professional colleagues and as valuable members of society.

CAVEAT: No graduate credit will be awarded if HBD4721 has been successfully completed.

HBD6769 Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality is a thorough examination of one of the most important aspects of life. Also, the course addresses many of the issues and dilemmas created by avoidant and/or inadequate learning about healthy sexuality. These competencies represent knowledge and skills that may be applied by professionals in the education and/or helping fields as well as by individuals wishing to advance their own learning in the area.

HBD6768 Aging and End of Life Issues

This course explores the critical social issues facing our aging society. Coverage includes the major social, psychological and biological perspectives in aging and old age from the standpoint of both the individual and the wider society.

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