Graduate Transfer Students:

Step 1 - Submit your Application.

Step 2 - Order your Official Transcripts.

Step 3 - Register for Classes.

Step 4 - Apply for Financial Aid, if needed.

Graduate Transfer Credits

Assuming work is allowed to transfer from an accredited institution, the following guidelines will be followed:

  1. Transfer work from another regionally accredited institution will be evaluated upon admission.
  2. No grade below B will be accepted as transfer work.
  3. Individual courses will be accepted, but no grade points. Each Amberton University transfer student will begin with a new grade point average.
  4. No more than twelve (12) hours maximum will be allowed in transfer toward a graduate degree.
  5. All work allowed in transfer to Amberton University on a graduate level must be directly related to courses offered at Amberton University.
  6. Graduate hours will not be evaluated for transfer until the official transcript of the bachelor's degree is received.
  7. The age of transfer work may influence transferability. Generally, work completed over six (6) years ago is not accepted.  

Transfer Of Credits From Another Institution

Both qualitative and quantitative considerations are in¬volved in the transfer of credits from another institution. There is no automatic transfer of credits toward a degree at Amberton University. University officials will carefully evaluate work considered for transfer from other accredited schools. Only work from official transcripts (registrar's original signature and college seal) will be considered for transfer from other accredited schools recognized by Amberton University. Official electronic transcripts will be accepted from the educational institution or an approved third-party transcripting service. Electronic transcripts can be emailed to Electronic transcripts from students or unapproved third-parties will not be accepted by Amberton University All official academic transcripts to be considered for transfer credit must be submitted during the first session's enrollment. Students who fail to submit official transcripts during the first session's enrollment may not be able to use transfer work as credit toward a degree.

Military courses that are evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) as equivalent to graduate level work are treated in the same manner as transferred credit. The number of credits awarded for courses recommended by ACE is at the discretion of Amberton University but will not exceed 12 semester hours.

Graduate Degree Plans

Prior to or during the first session of enrollment at Amberton University, the student must have official transcripts with the undergraduate degree posted as well as official transcripts for any previous graduate hours completed sent to the University. Graduate hours will not be evaluated for transfer until the official transcript of the bachelor’s degree is received.

Each transcript received will be evaluated for Amberton University course equivalence, and a copy of the evaluation, the “Transfer of Credit Report" (TCR), will be provided to the student. The TCR will reflect both graduate hours accepted in transfer as well as program prerequisites that have been satisfied based upon the graduate major program declared by the student.

For degree advising purposes, students can have Amberton University transcripted work and all transfer work electronically evaluated against any degree in the Catalog. The Electronic Degree Plan (EDP) produces an evaluation of satisfied degree requirements as well as requirements which may be deficient relative to the degree selected. The EDP allows a student to compare his/her academic accomplishments against any or all degrees in the Catalog. The EDP is available through the “Student Services Online” option in the Student Portal or by contacting an advisor in Student Services.

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