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Student Services

The Student Services program of Amberton University has been designed to support and supplement the University's formal academic programs. These services include academic advising, student account services, VA benefits, foreign students’ ICE needs, and copies of records. For additional information, refer to "Students' Rights - Educational Records" and "Legal Notice of Non-Discrimination." Contact the Vice President for Strategic Services with specific questions.

The Academic Advising System (Degree Plans)

The process of academic advising at Amberton University involves both technology and human assistance. All students who enroll with Amberton University are provided academic advisors. All new students should talk with an advisor prior to enrolling. Any student, new or returning, seeking to enroll for more than twelve hours for the undergraduate student and more than nine hours for the graduate student must have prior approval. While degree and course selection is the responsibility of the student, advisors are available to assist the student in interpreting data and considering options. Amberton University has developed an electronic Academic Advising System (AAS) exclusively for its students that is the most advanced, computerized decision support system available. The system is available through the Student Services Office, or a student may request a copy of his/her degree plan through the mail, by fax or e-mail. At the conclusion of each session, along with a grade report, each student is provided an updated degree plan.

The electronic Academic Advising System for Amberton University is comprised of the following three basic systems:

  1. An electronic Transfer of Credit Report (TCR) that reports all courses accepted in transfer from other institutions and how those courses are equivalent to Amberton University courses.
  2. An Electronic Transcript (ET) that reports all courses completed at Amberton University, total credits awarded, and grade-point average.
  3. An Electronic Degree Plan (EDP) that uses information from the TCR as well as work completed at Amberton University (ET) relative to a specific degree (identified by the student) to provide the student with information relative to courses completed and courses needed to complete the degree requirements.

In order for the system to work most efficiently, the student should do the following:

  1. Verify that Amberton University has official copies of all academic transfer work.
  2. Use the Amberton University provided degree plan for selecting classes for the next session. Amberton University provides a copy of grades and an update to the student’s degree plan at the conclusion of each session enrolled. Students needing assistance in interpreting data are encouraged to visit with an academic advisor.
  3. Visit with an academic advisor and seek help interpreting academic records (TCR, ET, EDP) when necessary.
  4. Use the system regularly to make sure degree requirements are being satisfied.

Financial Advising

The University's philosophy is that mature, working students should "pay as they go" and not incur long-term debts. For this reason, the University does not endorse or participate in any type of federal loan program. For students who have acceptable credit references, the University offers convenient payment plans allowing deferred payment options. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are also accepted as payment of an account. Please speak with an advisor and/or see the University’s website for more payment options.

International Student Advising and Admission

Amberton University is authorized under federal and state laws to enroll qualified international students seeking bachelor or master degrees. Primarily, Amberton University is designed for the mature, working adult who is an English-speaking citizen of the United States of America. However, Amberton will allow international students (non-U.S. citizens/non-permanent residents) to enroll in academic programs if, after evaluation, it is determined that the University can provide for the special and unique needs often presented by these students.

The international student must submit his/her application for admission, transcripts, and any other supporting documents before admission can be considered. Any international student who requires Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) forms must supply all required documents at the time of requesting admission. (See Amberton’s International Student Required Documents List on the University’s web site.) Students needing ICE forms may speak with an admission advisor for further information and guidance. A processing fee is required of all non-U.S. citizens/non-permanent residents at the time of application for admission, regardless of ICE classification.

International students must fulfill the following admission requirements:

  1. Be over 21 years of age and fluent (reading, speaking, and writing with facility and smoothness) in the English language.
  2. Submit Application for Admission along with a non-refundable processing fee, and all required ICE documents (see Amberton’s International Student Required Documents List on the University’s web site). Also, each session enrolled, the student will pay a fee to cover the costs of ICE reports.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended in the U.S.A. Students subject to ICE regulations must have been in attendance within the past 5 months and be “in-status” with ICE and SEVIS.
    1. Undergraduate students must have a minimum of 30 semester hours of acceptable work from a U.S.A. regionally accredited institution.
    2. Graduate students must have a bachelor’s degree from a U.S.A. regionally accredited institution.
  4. No international student who is on probation at a U.S.A. college/university previously attended will be considered for admission to Amberton University. For undergraduate students, an overall GPA of at least 2.0 is required when seeking admission. The standard for graduate students is an overall GPA of at least 3.0.

Veteran Advising

Amberton University has been approved by the Texas Education Agency to administer the Veterans' Educational Benefits program. The Veterans' Administration requires that each veteran receiving educational benefits be enrolled for courses that lead to a specific educational objective. A veteran may not receive benefits for courses that he/she has already received credit, for courses which are in excess of degree requirements, or for courses which do not apply to a degree.

For certification with Veterans Affairs, eligible students must complete the “Veterans Information Form” (available on the Amberton University web site or in the Student Services Office) for each session that benefits are requested. It is the responsibility of the student receiving benefits to notify the Amberton University Veterans' Official immediately if there are changes in his/her enrollment or personal information. In order to continue to be eligible for benefits, veteran students must maintain satisfactory academic progress. (See “Academic Performance of a Student” for further information regarding satisfactory academic progress.)

Student Records

Student records, which consist of an Amberton University application, test scores (when appropriate), official transcripts, and copies of all University correspondence, will remain active for three years following the end of the last session enrolled. These files are then destroyed. Students who enroll after their records have been destroyed must reapply for admission and resubmit all records.

All educational records of students who apply for admission or enroll at Amberton University become and remain the sole and exclusive property of the University. Relative to these records, Amberton University adheres to the following policies:

  • Amberton University will not produce a student directory and will not release any information on a present or former student without direct written consent from the student or a court order.
  • Amberton University will never provide or sell lists of students and their addresses to external agencies or businesses for commercial purposes.
  • Each student's record is considered confidential and will be made available to Amberton University personnel on a "need-to-know" basis only.
  • A student may review his/her records in the presence of a University representative and may request copies of any information enclosed, except transcripts from other universities. (Copies provided at student's expense.)

Transcript Service

The academic transcript is a copy of the official document on which are listed all Amberton University courses attempted, all grades assigned, and the degree status of the student. For a fee, a student may request a transcript from the Student Services Office in person and normally can receive a copy immediately, or the student may fax or mail the request. Official copies of records and transcripts from schools other than Amberton University must be requested from the institutions where the course work was completed.

Please refer to the current Schedule of Classes for the specific transcript fee. Adequate notice of requests (a minimum of 24 hours) is required for transcript processing; however, during peak periods (i.e., registration and final examinations) there will be some delay. Transcripts cannot be released unless the student has satisfied all admission, financial, and other obligations to the University. Transcripts from other institutions provided by the student as a condition of admission become the property of Amberton University and will not be copied or returned to the student.

All academic records of all students forever remain the property of Amberton University and can be maintained or disposed of in whatever way the University chooses. Amberton University is under no obligation to maintain an academic transcript for a student who has been declared delinquent for failure to honor his/her academic/financial responsibilities. The academic transcript of a student declared delinquent will be expunged. All obligations owed or deemed appropriate by the University must be satisfied before the University will consider restoration of expunged records.

New/Prospective Student Orientation

Several times during the year Amberton University conducts new/prospective student orientations. The programs are designed to orient the student to the facility, programs, library opportunities, University regulations and procedures, and academic advising (see current Schedule of Classes for dates of orientation sessions).

Employment Opportunities And Job Placement

As the majority of students attending Amberton University are employed full time, the University does not sponsor job placement seminars or have an employment opportunities office. From time to time, the University receives notices of job openings from area businesses. These notices are posted in the student lounge. Additionally, students are encouraged to use the on-line services available when seeking career opportunities. Through electronic networking, students can search for employment locally as well as nationwide.

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